Stephan Dörfler

I am Stephan, 28 (at the time of writing), and I try to build cool stuff with computers. Currently, I work in a company called DEVDEER. We are a few enthusiasts (9, soon to be 10) helping businesses with consulting, developing, operating, migrating and integrating all around Microsoft’s tools and technologies. When I’m not at work, I do stuff like this (podcasting and tinkering with code), go out hiking, photograph or start cool DIY-projects I mostly never get around to finish..

Kevin Heyland

I am Kevin, 34 (at the time of writing), and I’m in love with the agile methodology and DevOps. Currently, I work in a company called DEVDEER as a product owner and team lead. When I’m not working, I write small applications, produce and host this podcast, run around 100km every month, spend time with my wife and kids and read novels non-stop..